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Mario Antonio Angelelli

Lawyer expert in law and international relations, immigration and humanitarian law.

He is one of the professionals appointed by important diplomatic offices and international institutes for the study and deepening of complex legal issues. He deals with important extradition trials at the Courts of Appeal of Venice, Florence and Rome. He defends the victims of crimes against humanity, protecting their rights, as in the "Condor Trial" held at first instance at the Corte D’Assise of Rome, and which concerns the "desaparicion" of dozens of Italian citizens in the states of South America during the dictatorships at the turn of the seventies and eighties. He has defended and defended the victims of very serious episodes of racial intolerance, celebrated and being carried out before the Italian criminal justice bodies. He has defended and defended the victims of accidents at work and their families following serious violations of legislation against foreign workers in Italy. He has defended and defended the foreign victims of medical guilt and serious dysfunction of the national health system, and their family members.

Since 2001 he has continued to occupy himself with administrative and civil matters concerning Municipalities and Local Authorities, supporting the disputes before the competent Courts. He participates as an expert observer of international law in important trials in Germany (Lübeck, 1996, Magdeburg 2011) and in Turkey (Dyarbakir 2011), and in important electoral consultations (Iraq May 2014, Turkey November 2015).

Since 2007 he has been President of  Progetto Diritti, a non profit association, which he founded in 1992 together with other lawyers and operators. The association is committed to protecting the rights of the most vulnerable sections of the population, with particular reference to migrants, asylum seekers and refugees, minors, precarious workers, women and prisoners.