The Commission is comprised of a core membership of experts, who also have access to an expert panel of lawyers, family members and advisors. Commission members are: 

Mario Angelelli

Lawyer, expert in law and international relations, immigration and humanitarian law. 
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Dr. Eddie Bruce-Jones
United Kingdom/ USA

Legal academic, research focus on racism, human rights, policing, discrimination and comparative law. 
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Anta Guisse

Lawyer. Expert in international law and criminal law.
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claus metz.jpg

Claus Metz

Forensic medical expert.

Naciye Alpay.jpg

Naciye Alpay

Social worker, specialising on assisting women and survivors of trauma and violence.
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Fatou Ndour.png

Fatou Ndour
Austria/ Senegal

Jurist specialising in human rights and international law.
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Arturo Salerni

Lawyer, active in various fields of forensic and research and legal advice. Expert in administrative law, criminal law, foreigners' law and asylum law.
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bernard schmid.jpg

Bernard Schmid
Germany/ France

Lawyer specialising in human rights and European law.


Prof. Iyiola Solanke
United Kingdom

Professor of law, expert in EU Law and Equality Law.
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aboubakar soumahoro.jpg

Aboubakar Soumahoro

Human rights activist.
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vanessa pic for UIK.jpg

Dr. des. Vanessa Eileen Thompson

Research assistant at the Institute for Sociology at the Goethe University Frankfurt. 
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