The International Independent Commission on the Death of Oury Jalloh is a civilian-led commission tasked with ascertaining and analysing the circumstances in which Oury Jalloh died.  Read the founding statement of the commission here. 

The Commission carries out its work in four languages and across various disciplines. Considering this, and considering that legal processes are still ongoing, the work of the Commission is relatively slow. This also gives the commission to reflect, with some distance, on the case, its legal and political treatment, and its social impact.

The work of the Commission is underway and will be updated in this section of the website in due course.  We have begun to examine the legal and scientific aspects fof the legal case, as well as wider social, political and historical aspects of the case. We have met with the legal representatives of Jalloh’s family, activists and campaigners, scientific experts, and government representatives.

Please check back periodically for updates.

This video was produced by the Initiative in Remembrance of Oury Jalloh to document the founding meeting of the Commission. The Initiative helped gather the experts and advisors to serve on the Commission in January 2018.

Full press conference of the Commission from 23 March 2018.